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Volume 1, Meet the Musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • This 54 minute two-act DVD on the life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart features pianist/actor Dennis Kobray bringing to life the story of history’s prototypical child prodigy.  Mr. Kobray shares the story of Mozart’s short but prolific life, and includes several excerpts of some of his most beloved works.

    Struggling for independence as an artist in a society that saw musicians as palace servants, while personally fighting to assert himself against a domineering father, Mozart’s works reflect these frustrations and highest hopes.  His music was the embodiment of the Classical style of late eighteenth century Europe. Mozart’s art has long endured to delight and move audiences the world over.

  • $8.00 shipping and handling charge for 1 to 5 DVDs mailed within the Continental USA. For orders of 6 or more DVDs, please contact us for shipping information before making a purchase at 973-376-8465.

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