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Volume 2, Meet the Musicians Ludwig van Beethoven

  • This 56 minute two-act DVD on the life, times and music of Ludwig van Beethoven features pianist and actor Dennis Kobray bringing to life the story of a man who overcame great adversity by refusing to give up his dream of writing music after the onset of deafness.   Mr. Kobray shares the story of Beethoven’s painful and inspiring life and includes several excerpts of his works that provide a window into his soul.

    Moved by the democratic ideals of the French Revolution, Beethoven changed the role of the musician as servant and ushered in the age of musician as artist.  His symphonies, sonatas and string quartets continue to attract and excite music lovers everywhere.  

  • $8.00 shipping and handling charge for 1 to 5 DVDs mailed within the Continental USA. For orders of 6 or more DVDs, please contact us for shipping information before making a purchase at 973-376-8465.

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