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Volume 4, Meet the Musicians George Gershwin

  • This 58 minute two-act DVD on the life, times and music of George Gershwin features pianist/actor Dennis Kobray sharing the life story of this quintessential American composer.  Mr. Kobray plays some of Gershwin’s works for Broadway shows and movies, such as Swanee, S’Wonderful and I Got Rhythm, with the lyrics to the songs by his brother Ira shown on the screen. 

    Mr. Kobray performs Gershwin’s most famous concert hall piece, Rhapsody in Blue, which perfectly captures the “can-do” spirit of the Roaring Twenties.  Gershwin was the product of a musical melting pot in the early 1900s in NYC where one could hear everything from operatic arias, Klezmer music, classical melodies to the blues. 

  • $8.00 shipping and handling charge for 1 to 5 DVDs mailed within the Continental USA. For orders of 6 or more DVDs, please contact us for shipping information before making a purchase at 973-376-8465.

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