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Volume 5, Meet the Musicians Johann Sebastian Bach

  • This 52 minute two-act DVD on the life, times and music of Johann Sebastian Bach features pianist/actor Dennis Kobray sharing the life story of this personification of the Baroque era of music.  Mr. Kobray shares the story of a composer whose intricate style and complex harmonies were the summation of much that had come before and brought the genre to new heights and perfection.

    Period instruments that Bach wrote for are featured including the harpsichord, clavichord and lute.  Music was the family business, handed down from his great, great grandfather to six of his twenty children.  Bach’s music was not appreciated in his lifetime, but today is considered a treasure of civilization.

  • $8.00 shipping and handling charge for 1 to 5 DVDs mailed within the Continental USA. For orders of 6 or more DVDs, please contact us for shipping information before making a purchase at 973-376-8465.

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